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How to go from temp to HIRE

Now that you have been placed with a company, this is  your opportunity to turn your temporary position into a hire.  Companies use HR Partners Staffing as their probationary period, it provides an opportunity to see your work habits and how you fit into their organization. This is your opportunity to show the company your value.  Just because you are working onsite, does not mean you will be hired.  There is an advantage to already being on site, however, you want to make sure that the employer values your work and can picture you as a part of their team.  

Every day is an interview, personality and job performance are evaluated.  Do not expect a job offer based on hours worked or length of assignment.  Every employer has different criteria for hiring.  During your assignment attendance is of the utmost importance, it is a sign of dependability. Be on time and do not leave early, do not request time off unless you absolutely must.  Disclose any and all scheduled time off during the interview process. This is a courtesy to your potential employer and will assist them in making a hiring decision.

Be on your best behavior, professional, polite and courteous.  Put forth the extra effort, and be a team player.  Understand your job duties and focus on satisfying those requirements. When the opportunity arises show your diverse skill set and knowledge, without being a know it all.  Opportunities arise through job enrichment, you may be considered.  A new opportunity may present itself.  Remember you may be considered for long term employment, make sure you understand your companies culture and determine if it is a good fit for you as well.

Keep your recruiter in the loop, we can't help you it you don't communicate with us.  If you have any concerns, please let us know.  

When you are successful, we all succeed.

Best of Luck.

Once you have been selected, your recruiter will provide you with the following information;

  • The start date, time and hours of employment
  • The name of the individual you report to for your orientation
  • The location, address and directions if needed.
  • Time keeping methods
  • Dress code including PPE if required
  • Break Policy
  • Obtain specific safety information, know the location of the emergency exits, first aid and fire extinguisher locations.  For industrial settings you will also receive Hazard Communication  Sheets (formerly called MSDS) and Lock Out Tag Out, Try It Instructions.
  • ​What are the expectations and measurements for the position.
  • Never leave an assignment without speaking with your supervisor.
  • ​Communicate with your recruiter, if you have any concerns.

do you have the qualities employers seek from candidates?

Communication Skills

Do not speak over your potential employer

Listen before formulating responses

Stay on topic and present clear and concise responses

Self Confidence 

Posture and a positive outlook leaves a lasting impression


Be willing to go beyond your assigned responsibility

Leadership once you have mastered your task, express a willingness to management to take on additional duties or responsibilities


Processes evolve, the only constant is change. You must be willing to change with them.


Realistically know your capabilities and limitations, do not set yourself up for failure.

Goal Achievement

Identify and work towards specific goals or targets.